Our culture traits

We’re on a mission to make organic ready-to-eat food affordable not for the few, but for everyone! 8 Culture Traits are the key ingredients to what we do. They complement our core values of Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Compassion, Courage, and Servant Leadership.

Red boxing gloves with a Salad and Go icon

We fight for the mission

We fight to make organic, ready-to-eat food affordable not just for the few, but for everyone! We do this so current and future generations can live longer, healthier lives.

"Rolling up sleeves" icon, with four hands coming together.

We roll up our sleeves

We roll up our sleeves and work hard. Everybody does everything because every job is vital to the mission: making Salads, serving guests, even taking out the trash.

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We are compassionate

If we are in a position to help, we help! Whether for each other, our guests, or our community. We Do Good and the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Cartoon drawing of a Salad and Go team member preparing a salad

We are
super fast

There is ONE SPEED and it is TOP SPEED! We move fast, whether making Salads, hiring, or optimizing the business.

A gold #1 trophy

We are competitive

We push each other to pursue perfection. We compete to be the best in our stores, best within our company, and the greatest company ever.

A green space shuttle lifting off

We are a start-up

We run like a start-up and will even at 10,000 stores. We take bold and decisive action, watch every penny, cut waste, and remove anything not mission-critical so we can reinvest in Food and People.

A "celebration" icon, party hat and confetti

We celebrate

Teams should feel like they won a game at the end of a service. We celebrate successes and milestones in and outside of work, and the unique, incredible diversity that makes up our team.

Icon of three crew members jumping together

We have fun

We bring our authentic selves to work, listen to our favorite music, laugh, and keep energy high. We work super-fast and smart to be the best because winning is fun!

Grow your career from hourly to salary

Career Path

Three Words

Open Arms

Changing Lives

Fresh benefits, served daily

"I started as a team member at 16, was promoted to salaried store manager at 19, and Assistant District Manager at 20! -Josh L.

Hourly to salary

  • Clear path to high-paying salaried career with benefits
  • SAG U e-learning with hands-on training
  • Culture and Operations team providing 1:1 coaching
  • Ongoing leadership training

It's in our culture

  • Weekly volunteer opportunities with non-profit partners
  • Monthly team spirit challenges
  • Regular team-building events
  • Collaboration and transparency

Invest in people

  • Industry-leading starting pay
  • 10% hazard pay raises due to COVID-19 made permanent
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Employee assistance program

Extra perks

  • Free food!
  • Grease-free workplace with natural light
  • 6 holidays off
  • Work directly with leadership team to change the world!

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