Lettuce answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions:


We aspire to be a company that not only serves food that is good for you, but also that is For Good.

Each week, we partner with local non-profits committed to the fights against hunger and homelessness. Led by our Culture Team, the staff and volunteers of these non-profits assemble our Chef-designed salads exactly like we do so that their clientele can have the same salad experience as someone coming through one of our drive-throughs.

Thanks to the loving and tireless hands of these organizations, upwards of 4,000 salads with chicken are distributed each week to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy them. The non-profits we have partnered with include: AZCEND, Casa de Vida, Chicanos Por La Causa, Child Crisis Arizona, Feed Our Babies, H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation, Midwest Food Bank, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Pure Heart Church, St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona, Salvation Army of Mesa, Salvation Army of Metro Phoenix, St. Peter Indian School, Tempe Elementary School District, UMOM New Day Centers, and Waste Not.

Separately, in 2020, we partnered with 2 non-profits every 2 months to assist in their fundraising efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of the year, over $140,000 was raised for the following charities: Aris Foundation, Circle the City, Homeward Bound, Live & Learn Arizona, St. Mary’s Food Bank, UMOM New Day Centers, United Way Pantry Pack Program, and Waste Not.

If there’s a non-profit committed to the fights against hunger or homelessness you think we should partner with, please email info@saladandgo.com. Together, we can do so much Good!


Our team strives to deliver a great experience and we always want to improve. Please visit saladandgo.com/contact to provide details about your order experience.


We believe in using fresh, whole and natural ingredients. We believe that healthy food can and should taste good, and we put a premium on food safety and care, applying industry best practices and going the extra mile behind the scenes in our food and order preparation.

Each salad is a hearty portion that fills a 48-ounce bowl. All natural and balanced between veggies, proteins, and healthy fats, each will fill you up and keep you going for hours.

Yes, all of our cheeses are pasteurized.

They’re yummy, right?  They’re super fresh and too perishable to sell as a product. However, you are able to purchase a second dressing for $.50!

All of our salad dressings are gluten-friendly.

While our menu includes ingredients that are made without gluten, our restaurants are not gluten free. We take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contact with gluten, but cannot guarantee that these menu items are gluten free.

Each of our chef-designed salads is paired with a dressing, feel free to mix and match!

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a gluten-friendly version that can be pulled, stretched, and handle the bulk of our wrap or breakfast burrito portions without breaking or tearing. For gluten-friendly, you can order as a salad or breakfast bowl and customize as needed.

All of our salads and breakfast bowls/wraps are customizable. That means you can have your BBQ Ranch Salad with a mix of baby spinach and romaine today and mixed greens tomorrow, and swap out ingredients with any from our salad menu.  Additional items can be added for 30¢ or 99¢, depending on the item.

While we do not have a public-facing list of every ingredient used (some things are Chef’s secret recipes, after all!), we do believe in food transparency. When ordering, please feel free to ask about any ingredients of concern or let our team members know of any food allergies and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in joining our team! Once you’ve applied, we’ll review your application and let you know if we think there could be a fit. We aim to reply to every store team member applicant within 3 days with a status email. (Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder!) If you don’t receive an invitation for an interview, don’t worry! Our needs are constantly changing as we grow. Feel free to keep checking the Careers page for new postings and re-apply. We’re on a mission to change the world, and would love to have you join us!

Please reach out to SAGpayroll@saladandgo.com for employment verification.


We’ve mastered our operations to the point where the average time for a Salad to be prepared is now under 15 seconds! Lines may be long, but our team members put the “Go” in Salad and Go!

We don’t accept call-in orders, but you can pre-order on our website or app (available for both iOS and Android)!

While we do not offer catering, our Salads fill a hearty 48 ounce container and are prepared in under 45 seconds. We welcome large orders, so feel free to order as much as you need for your next party or event and we’ll make it happen!

Absolutely! Our full menu is available when we open our doors (6:30 am Monday-Friday, and at 7:00 am Saturday & Sunday). A guest favorite is to order a Salad to save for lunch while getting a Breakfast Burrito and Cold Brew in the morning. We aim to make things as simple as possible to keep you energized all day long!

We appreciate all of our loyal guests. However, we believe in offering the absolute lowest price possible on every item, every day. Please believe us when we say that nothing is ever free. In this case, if we were to start giving away a drink or salad after a certain number of purchases, our food costs would increase, which would require us to raise prices. Rather than charging more each time you come, we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible and reinvesting back in our food until eventually, every item is organic.

Yes, we do! Gift cards are available at all store locations and online! Go here to order one today.


No worries, we got you! Please reach out at saladandgo.com/contactus or come back to the store.

Salad and Go is drive-through and grab-and-go only. This enables us to operate efficiently and in a micro-footprint so we can focus on providing the highest quality, ready-to-eat food we possibly can to you at the lowest price and with the speediest and friendliest service.

Although we’re growing fast – thanks to the support of our amazing communities – we are not a franchise. We are a privately owned, local business based in Phoenix, Arizona with no current plans to franchise. We have exciting growth ahead (including to other states!) and a number of career opportunities in new communities, so if interested in being a part of the team, follow us on social media to stay current on location openings, and check our Careers page for postings to see if there’s a fit!

Thank you for your interest in our community outreach. We are not taking new partnership requests at this time. If you still have a question or feedback for our team please visit saladandgo.com/contact.


Keeping our guests and team members safe is a top priority. Double handwashing, daily cleaning checklists and constant sanitizing of all surfaces to keep immaculate workspaces are standard practices. Additionally, we:

  • Require all team members to sanitize their hands immediately upon entering one of our buildings, followed by going straight to a sink to double-handwash
  • Require fresh gloves after every hand-washing and whenever changing tasks
  • Disinfect hands and surfaces between every car at the drive-thru
  • Treat forks, napkins and dressing packets like food items, meaning only team members wearing gloves can touch them
  • Follow all local regulations regarding face coverings

A few additional aspects, inherent in our business model, help to keep everyone safe:

  • Since we do not have outside seating, team members do not have to wipe down tables, chairs or clean public bathrooms, further limiting exposure.
  • With our efficient, small footprint and drive-thru model, no guests can come into our buildings, further limiting exposure and helping with social distancing.
  • We have contactless payment systems in place through our app and online ordering.

All safety measures are subject to change as we continue to follow the CDC and local regulations.

Still have questions?​